Reach your full potential with Family Martial Arts Center of Santa Rosa!

Santa Rosa Martial Arts training for kids or adults begins here!  We often tell the kids, “You may have to use your self-defense skills someday … but you’ll have to use your life-skills every day!”  We help your child learn both.

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  • When your child trains in our award-winning programs, they’ll develop greater confidence and self-esteem, making it easier to stand up to peer pressures and make new friends easily.
  • Training in our Adult Program includes punching, kicking, pressure point strikes, ground fighting and more… so you’ll never have to fear being attacked. Imagine how that much confidence will impact your day to day life.
  • Extra large, fully padded training floor + Our Award-Winning Programs with over 50 years combined teaching experience = Training Results that will change you and your family in the safest and fastest way possible!

We believe in families.  We believe in our community.  Our instructors are raising young families of their own and understand what it takes in today’s world.  We are all so challenged as parents to guide our children into making good choices and choosing the right path.  It’s rough sometimes!  

We rely on our family, friends, church, and schools to support us in showing our children the way to live happy and productive lives.  Martial arts training is a reliable ally in your parenting “tool bag.”  The values, tradition and healthy dose of exercise we provide in our classes help you do right by your kids.  We are always available to help.

Time for yourself is just as important. Keeping strong and healthy, making new friends and having a great time learning new skills and blowing off some much-needed steam is just the right “medicine” for parents, adults, and teens after a long day at work, at school or “mom’s and dad’s taxi service.”

We didn’t choose our name because it did well with focus groups or “McDojo” franchises. We picked it because Family Martial Arts Center is who we are.

To reserve your spot in our small Children, Kid’s or Adult Martial Arts Program please call us today at (707) 528-4910.  Our school is located at 320-D Tesconi Circle, off of North Dutton Avenue in the Santa Rosa Business Park in Santa Rosa, CA.

Our current special is a great opportunity for you or your child to be introduced to our martial arts classes and learn the fundamentals of self-defense, respect for one’s self and others.  As well as improving focus in all the other areas of life.

Listed below are some of the features incorporated into our specially designed classes:

  • Children learn what self-control really means and how to develop it, actually making it easier to parent your child and to be a child!
  • Children learn what makes a good person good and why it’s important to their success as a martial artist and citizen.
  • Learn simple warm-ups and stretches that will increase your fitness and flexibility in as little and two or three months!
  • Adults train in easy-to-learn escapes from common attacks, thereby increasing their confidence and ability to confront life!
  • Kids will develop leadership skills through teamwork exercises that will help them in school and throughout their life.

Children will train in our Lil’ Ninja classes, our kid’s martial arts program.  These classes are designed for kids between the ages of 6 to 12 years old, so your child will fit in just perfect.  Teens and Tweens will enjoy our much more realistic Teen Systema classes to help them handle full-sized bullies and pressures of teen life.

NOTE: If your child is 6 years old or younger, they may be encouraged to join our Lil’ Dragon kids martial arts program. This class is for children between 5 and 6 years old.  The classes for this age group are presented in a way that better fits the attention span and maturity level of little ones, think Kinder-Karate.

All classes are taught by certified Black Belt Instructors. Our certified instructors have over 50 years of combined martial arts experience working with kids and adults of all ages and walks of life. We take great pride in helping others develop more confidence and physical fitness.  And in teaching important life skills and self-protection.

We are so confident that you will see the tremendous benefits in our martial arts programs, that we would like to offer you a free introductory lesson to get to know us before you sign up for our special intro course.  You’ve got nothing to lose!

Come and try out the best Martial Arts and Self-Defense programs in the county!



Juan F. Fogal

Head Instructor


Here’s what one of our students from the adult program has said about his training in our studio.

“Before I trained at your Dojo, I was very nervous about meeting new people and being in crowded areas.  Now that I have been training for a little while, I am much more outgoing and relaxed and I even look forward to meeting others!”

Rafael Z.

Electronics Company Worker

Petaluma, CA


Martial Arts training starts by calling our Santa Rosa Studio at (707) 528-4910 today!


320-D Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa
Off of North Dutton Ave, between College Ave and Guerneville Rd.
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