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  • Diana Curtin:

    Quote from Ben Curtin, 10 year old Brown Belt student

    “I am proud to think I’ve worked my way up to be a Brown White Belt. I remember when I was at a lower rank and looked up to the higher ranks with such admiration – now I AM that rank. I won’t let anything get in the way of me earning my black belt now!”

    Seeing our son grow and learn at Family Martial Arts has been very rewarding. The Fogals have grown the program into a well rounded experience that not only provides excellent physical fitness, it also provides opportunities to learn important character building life skills, such as respect, self control, determination, team work and more. Thank you very much Mr and Mrs Fogal for your dedication and hard work- it’s made a big impact in our lives!

  • jennifer stroude:

    I love what this class is wonderful and well worth going for your kids and the whole family i will recommend This call to every one of my friends.

  • Eric Jianuzzi:

    The “instructors” section sums it up!

  • We are the proud parents of six, five of whom have been students with your program. We are thrilled with the changes and eagerly anticipate each week of lessons. In fact, after eleven years or so of observing our children in your program, dad has just begun your adult training program and he loves it!

    Thanks for the structure, training and family-friendly environment!

  • Diana Curtin:

    Nice job creating a real family atmosphere!
    We love what Ben (7 years) is getting out of the program and look forward to seeing him progress with the great instruction at Family Martial Arts. Thanks for all you do!!
    Diana, Dan and Ben Curtin

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