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There comes a time when you are no longer interested in collecting trophies, belts or little patches to put on a uniform.  Activities like TaeBo or Kickboxing (for exercise) might tone your body … but only realistic training can prepare you for the realities of life.  That time usually comes at a certain age, however, for some people, it might come with a sudden introduction to someone else’s fist or knife or worse.

In either case, you will eventually realize, “I need to learn how to protect myself? Or, “Everything I’ve trained in does not apply or work”  If you’re lucky you will realize that on the training floor.  And hopefully not in a life-threating encounter.

You will react and perform exactly in the way that you have trained.  No training means you will have lots of fumbling, panic and uncoordinated wasted actions.  Sport martial arts (any art with a competitive aspect) are best applied in the sport they were designed for.  A Tennis player may not do so well on the Football field and a Baseball player may or may not perform well in a Boxing match.  Of course, their physical skills will help but the tactics and strategy will not apply.  Furthermore, sports imply a certain level of fitness and younger athletes typically perform better.

So where does that leave the average person who just wants to work and take care of their family?  And if you are young and fit, will you be able to perform the same movements with the same skill 10 years from now?  How about 20 or 30 years from now?

When you play a sport you might be scared or nervous that you will lose the match.  But the stresses put on a person when they are in fear of their life are completely different.  The panic that sets in, the tunnel vision, the breathing issues are just a few of the problems that will compound the situation.  If you are not training in methods that will help you cultivate skills in how to handle these issues and protect yourself in just about any situation -start now!

Our teen and adult martial arts and self-defense programs do just that.  Our teen/adult martial arts program is the same used by top military and police all over the world.  Click on one of the links below to find out which program best suits your needs.

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