Lil’ Ninjas Ages 6-12

Lil’ Ninjas (American Budo) Kids Program

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Decades of training in Taekwondo, Karate-Jutsu and “Old School” martial arts have gone into the Karate Kids Santa Rosadevelopment of our programs.  Constant “tweaking” based 30+ years of teaching children has been poured into our lesson plans to make your child the best person or Budoka (martial artist), that they can be!

The Lil’ Ninja program is based on not only being a martial arts instructor for over three decades but also on being a parent.  Now, with former child students returning to us with children of their own, we have a lot of experience to draw on.

The 6-Year Factor

An interesting point of observation is the 6-Year factor.  The 6-Year factor is a term that pertains to a child’s life as seen in more or less 6-year increments.  (based on our experience).  The first six years or so of a child’s life covers the basics.  From an infant to potty training to getting dressed, then basic socialization and the forming of friendships.

The next six years (6 to 12) are crucial in developing a strong sense of values, responsibility and most importantly the ability to “think for yourself.”  We view this particular stage to be most important, in that this is your chance as a parent to instill real common sense.  You see, this current stage will set the table for the next stage –the Teenage Stage!  This is where the kids traditionally “rebel” or, as we like to put it – test out the theories and lessons from the previous stage.  This is where they will be placed in precarious situations without you there to guide them.  This is why it is imperative that a good foundation is laid in place … well before someone offers them drugs or dares them to do something they may later regret!  It’s important to do this now while you still have their ear!

As you may have guessed, the teenage stage of 13 to 18 is basically a constant juggle between being cool and doing what’s right.  Again, it’s up to us to instill a good moral compass in our children before they are in this position.  This last stage (while dependant on the prior stages) is what will determine the kind of adult they will become.

” … we are parents too. And we are here to assist you …”

So parents, no pressure here … right?  Hey, we are parents too. And we are here to assist you in instilling this moral compass … and we have the secret weapons to do it.

Firstly, we know Karate.  Secondly, we’re not you.  Don’t you hate it when someone else tells your child something that you’ve been saying forever, but this time they actually listen?  Well, we will gladly be that person to help, as long as the lesson gets through that’s the important thing!  There are many tools that we have developed over the years, but these tools are proprietary, so we’ll save them for the students in class.

Santa Rosa Karate Girl Power

Below are a few of benefits your child will receive from our program:

  • Children will learn what self-control really means and how to develop it, actually making it easier to parent your child and to be a child!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Students must maintain their grades and proper attitude in school in order to promote to the next color belt in our goal-setting program, thereby reinforcing the importance of their education
  • Real-world drills that teach your child what to look for to avoid abduction and how to fight free from an adult!

NOTE: While we will make every effort to help your child understand the lessons and groove in with the program, not all students are ready for group lessons.  If your child is challenged to maintain focus and keep up with the group lessons, we may refer him or her to our private lesson program.  This will speed up the learning progress for your child and allow the flow of the group lessons to continue.

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