Lil’ Dragons Ages 5-6

Lil’ Dragons (Taekwondo-Based) Program For Younger Children

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Kids Karate Santa Rosa

With our Lil’ Ninja program being such a hit, we tailored a specifically designed program for 5-year old kids.

Some martial arts schools teach the same material to their children and adults.  We disagree, after all, you wouldn’t teach calculus or world history to kindergartners right?  Therefore, our programs are age appropriate to suit the needs of the group.

The goal of this program is to establish a strong sense of right and wrong and learn the concept of responsibility. We do this by motivating the young children to earn martial arts game time in exchange for good manners and self-control.  All the while developing coordination and flexibility in a fun and safe environment.

There are many other proprietary details that we’ll save for the actual classes …

 Our specially designed classes will:

  • Develop your child’s motor skills so that they can control their body easier.
  • Improve focus & discipline making it easier follow the rules of the Dojo and home!
  • Create better balance and coordination, thereby improving their sports skills.
  • Help them understand the meaning of courtesy, self-control, and respect towards others.  Making it easier to make and keep good friends.

We specialize in providing a safe, creative, and exciting learning environment for all ages.  It does wonders for your child to give them a place where it’s okay to run, yell and hit things in a controlled environment!

Santa Rosa Karate Girl

 *Please note that children must be potty trained to participate.

NOTE: While we will make every effort to help your child understand the lessons and groove in with the program, not all students are ready for group lessons.  If your child is challenged to maintain focus and keep up with the group, we may refer him or her to our private lesson program.  This will speed up the learning progress for your child and allow the flow of the group lessons to continue.

320-D Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa
Off of North Dutton Ave, between College Ave and Guerneville Rd.
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