Personal Protection Programs

$149 Monthly Self-Defense Course

We offer a 6-Hour Self Defense course almost every month.  The class is held on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.  This course is divided into four 1 1/2 hour sections and is based wholly on the Systema martial art.  The course is open to levels of skill and also serves as an excellent introduction to Systema-Russian Martial Art.  You can sign up online here.Self Defense Logo

The four sections that repeat each month are as follows:

Week #1: Moving and Striking.  Learn how to move your body with efficiency and balance.  You will also learn a natural way of striking that blends in with your evasions and smooth movements.

Week #2: Countering Strikes.  See how easy it can be to handle incoming strikes whether they are close in or at a distance.  When you learn to combine the simple hand movements with the material from the Moving and Striking class you will begin to see how it all flows together.

Week #3: Ground Defense.  Understand body movement and control on a whole new level!  Learn to be comfortable on the ground and combine it with the free striking movements from the previous week that helps reduce lower back pain after squats and you’ll have confidence you’ve never know.

Week #4: Escapes and Counters.  This final class ties the previous three together.  Combine movement, strikes and counters to the most common forms of attacks.  The natural flow that builds up from this carefully crafted course is a perfect way to wrap things up!

So put on some comfortable clothes and get ready to have some fun and learn valuable skills.  It’s best if you can take this class in sequence.  But if you miss a class you can always make it up the following month.  Or even repeat the course again to get even better.  You can also shore up your training with the regular Systema classes held on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Call today to lock in your place in this exciting course.

Self-Defense Modular Training

In addition to our regular traditional classes and our ongoing Self-Defense and Fitness Class, we also host self-defense seminarsSanta Rosa Self Defense and offer our courses in different training modules.

You can take a class to focus on specific aspects of self protection and mix and match courses to design a tailor made program for you.  These clinics are suited for those who do not have the time to attend a class regularly but are still in need of practical self defense skills.

“Proper Drilling + Qualified Instruction = Unshakeable Confidence!”

From busy professionals or homemakers to college-bounds adults, you can never be too prepared.  If you like you can take a refresher course later on certain topics to keep your skills sharp from time to time.

All categories are designed to fit together for a comprehensive program.  Be sure to ask the instructor for the latest seminar dates or to schedule a private group session.  Some topics will have prerequisites before you are eligible to attend.  A few of the topics are listed below:

Basic Movement & Strikes

Basic Self Protection

Basic Kick Defense

Basic Ground Defense

Other Topics

Basic Knife Defense

Daily Stress & Breathing Course

Basic Chain Protection

Basic Stick Protection

Partner Protection

Kid Self-Defense Awareness Course

NB: Events scheduled on Sundays are subject to a $100 surcharge for each contracted Sunday.

More Topics and Packages available – Call Today for more information!

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