Basic Dojo Glossary

Budo (Boo-Doe) – Martial arts, “The path of the protector or warrior”

Budoka (Boo-Doe-Kah) – A good person who studies martial arts

Bunkai (Boon-Kai) – Practical applications of Kata movements

Cossack (Cahss-Ack) – Warriors from Russia and the Ukraine known for their exceptional life skills.

Dammateh Keiko (Dah-ma-teh Kai-ko) – “Stop talking, start training!”

Dan (Dahnn) – (Black Belt level) degree

Do (Doe) – The path or the way to …

Dojo (Doe-Joe) – Place of learning or place of the path

Dohai (Doe-High) – Peer

Domo Arigato (Doe-Moe Aw-ree-Gah-toe) – Thank you very much

Gambatte Kudasai (Gahm-Ba-Teh Koo-dah-sigh) – “Please don’t give up”, “Keep going please”

Gi or Dogi (Gee or Doe-Gee) – Training uniform

Hachime (Hah-chee May) – Begin or Start

Ichi, Ni, San, Shee, Go, Roku, Seechi, Hachee, Kyu, Ju – One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Karate (Ka-rah-teh) – Empty hand protection (self-defense)

Karate Do (Ka-rah-teh-Doe) – Martial art aimed at the perfection of character for children

Karate Jutsu (Ka-rah-teh-Jut-su ) – Martial Science aimed at practical self-protection

Kata (Ka-tah) – Formal training pattern mapping out movements and targets

Ki (Key) – Energy

Kiai (Key-eye) – “Energy through”, usually a shout

Kime (Key-meh) – Focus

Kobudo (Ko-Boo-Doe) – Ancient martial arts, old school training

Kohai (Ko-High) – Junior student

Kosshi jutsu (Ko-she-jutt-sue) – Pressure point self-defense science system

Kyu (Kyou) – (Color belt) grade

Kyusho (Kyou-show) – Vital or pressure point in the body

Kyusho jutsu (Kyou-show) – Vital or pressure point combat science

Maai (Mah-eye) – Proper distance

Maitta (My-Tah) – “I yield” [used like uncle when pinned]

Mo kuso (Mok-sue) – Clear you mind

Mu shin (Moo-shin) – “No mind”, (completely in the present moment)

Nin (Neen) – To endure, never give up, to keep going

Obi (Oh-bee) – Training Uniform Belt

One gai shimas (Oh-nee-guy-She-mahs) – Train us

Ponzai Sebia (Pohn-Zai Seb-iah) – The other name for Systema, “Know Yourself”

Rei (Ray) – Bow

RMA (R.M.A.) – Russian Martial Art, see Systema

Seiza (Say-zah) – Formal kneeling position

Sempai (Sem-pie) – Senior

Sensei (Senn-say) – Instructor

Sensei ni Rei (Senn-say-nee-ray) – Bow to Instructor

Shashka (Sha-shh-kah) – Russian military sword

Shizen (She-zen) – Natural, natures way

Shomen ni Rei (Show-men-knee Ray) – Bow to the front of the Dojo, where the flags are.

Systema (Sis-Tem-Mah) – “The System” is a true and complete martial art from Russia.

Tabi (Tab-bee) – Japanese split toe socks or slippers

Taekwondo (Tie-kwhan-doe) – National sport of Korea with many high, jumping kicks based on Japanese martial arts and traditional Korean dances

Tamishiwara (Tah-me-she-wa-rah) – Breaking skills (i.e. boards, etc.)

Tori (To-rhee) – Defender

Torite (To-rhee-teh) – Japanese pronunciation of Tuite

Tuite (Tooey-teh) – Art of utilizing vital points to attack joints for self defense

Uke (OO-kay) – (Receiver) Attacker.  To receive (“block”)

Yame (Yah-meh) – Stop



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