Head Instructor – Juan F. Fogal

Fogal-Sensei has been teaching in the North Bay for the past 30+ years.  With his relaxed confidence and unshakable sense of humor, Mr. Fogal has an excellent reputation for working with children as well as adults.   Mr. Fogal began his martial arts training at a very young age, beginning his formal training at twelve.  He began his professional instruction career at the age of 17 when his instructor asked him to become a staff instructor shortly after becoming a Red Belt.  Mr. Fogal started running some of the day classes at the main studio and three different satellite clubs in Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, and Suisun City.  Later he was promoted to Studio Manager where he honed his management skills.

At age 22 Mr. Fogal was finally able to purchase and operate his own martial arts studio.  Within the first year, enrollment jumped from around 65 to well over 300+ students. Over the next 10 years, Mr. Fogal was deeply honored to receive many awards and commendations for his work in our local community.  After over a decade of successful operation, Mr. Fogal felt it was time to try new career paths and just teach privately.  However, once bitten by the joy and fulfillment of operating his own studio he knew that one day he would return to operate a Dojo again.

During this hiatus from public teaching, Mr. Fogal was able to cross-train more freely in a variety of martial arts disciplines and thereby increase his knowledge base to share with others.  This training included the honor of going to Japan and testing in front of the Grandmaster of over nine schools of ancient and rare martial arts.  Delving into the Russian Martial Arts (Systema) and Ancient Japanese arts he has also had opportunities to train with some of the worlds elite in police protection.  Mr. Fogal continues to train and to expand his knowledge of the martial arts and he loves to spend time with his wife and daughter.

Some of Mr. Fogal’s Awards & Community Service

  • Person of the Year 1996, awarded by the Latino’s Peace Officer Association.
  • Recognized as Person of the Year 1996 and for community service by: Milo Thompson-State Senator, Valerie Brown-California State Legislature & Sharon Wright- Mayor of Santa Rosa
  • “Top 200 Martial Arts School in North America 1995”, awarded by Macho Products, Martial Arts Business Information Magazine and Andrews International (leaders in the martial arts industry).
  • Black Belt, Master Instructor in Taekwondo (Taekwondo places it’s main emphasis on kicking and jumping techniques)
  • Black Belt, Master Instructor in Budo Taijutsu (a synthesis of nine maTwisting K croprtial arts from Japan that focus on surviving through a winning attitude.
  • Certified to teach Systema, Russian Martial Art.
  • Certified Instructor, Pressure Point Control Tactics. (This system focuses on enhancing techniques with pain compliance)


Black Belt Instructor – Timi Lisa Fogal

Timi Fogal Sensei began training in the martial arts in 1989 with Mr. Fogal and his instructor.  And she has never stopped her desire to learn and improve.  Her competition and teaching experience span over the last two decades.

FMAC Website pics Timi1 FMAC Website pics Timi2

She strives to always build her students up, rather than tear them down. Many people who study the martial arts with dedication and commitment become great martial artists.  Some become great teachers, but rarely do you get an individual who can do both.  Don’t miss this opportunity to train with a gifted martial artist and instructor.

320-D Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa
Off of North Dutton Ave, between College Ave and Guerneville Rd.
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