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black-belt-cbWe want to help you set your child up for success by teaching them a winning attitude for life’s challenges. You see after many years of parents saying things like, “Little Johnny is so good at your class, I just wish he would behave that way at school”, or “You guys are so good with our kids, I wish that I could take one of you home with us to help out!, we decided to fulfill these requests!

Well okay, we don’t actually go home with the student’s but we did develop a way to extend the Dojo to the home and school! These breakthroughs in our program development are why our Lil’ Ninja and Lil’ Dragon Program results are amazing!  And, it’s the main reason that we have received the awards that are listed on the Instructor Page.

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  • Help increase your child’s confidence so that they are prepared to handle those situations they’ll face as teenagers.
  • Maintaining their grades and proper attitude in school is required in order to promote to the next color belt.
  • Our goal-setting belt rank system is an integral part your child’s success, with it they will learn to achieve whatever they set their sights on!
  • Real-world drills that are safe and teach what to look for to avoid abduction and how to fight free from an adult!

All of this is achieved with the “carrot” of learning a fun martial art.  Our classes have a structured format, however, they are very motivating and exciting –allowing your child to have fun and see progress in their training!  Our classes improve your child’s athleticism but provide something that group sports are not able to because no one ever sits on the bench in our class!  We won’t list the finer points of our program secrets, you’ll just to have come in and see for yourself!  Click the links to find out more information about the Lil’ Dragon and Lil’ Ninja programs.


Family Discounts

“A family that kicks together, sticks together”. We believe a Budo (martial arts) family will not only benefit from the quality time spent together but also learn how to motivate one another when training. This is why the Family Martial Arts Center has added a Family Discount of 25% off monthly tuition for the 2nd member and 50% for the 3rd member or more.

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