Zombie-Jutsu! Surviving the Apocalypse

While the seminar format is based on a fictional situation the material is very real and workable.  This format provides a fun way to blow off some steam with your friends or co-workers while learning real life-saving techniques.

Zombie-Jutsu or Zombie Combat Science addresses mature level fight scenarios therefore, this seminar has a minimum participation age of 16+.

Mini seminars can be delivered in 2 hours during an extended lunch period from work.  Or a 4 to 5 hour seminar delivered in one day.  We can also deliver a full two-day seminar for the serious Zombie-Jutsu students.  Call today to schedule a private, custom training session for your group today!


NB: Events scheduled on Sundays are subject to a $100 surcharge for each contracted Sunday.


320-D Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa
Off of North Dutton Ave, between College Ave and Guerneville Rd.
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