Just wanted to thank you for the class tonight. You did the best job of explaining the Systema forward roll of anyone I’ve trained with and I’ve trained with a number of people over the years. My back vertebrae extend beyond my back muscles so a traditional aikido roll puts those bones hard against the floor. All of the Systema teachers I’ve trained with made it seem like the Systema roll was just a lower impact version of that diagonal roll over the vertebrae. But your explaination of rolling from one shoulder to the other before rolling down the other side of the back is going to make rolling on concrete much less stressful. Thanks.


Ukiah, CA


“I’m not the fighter type and I’m not aggressive, but I do believe in protecting those that you care for.  And the material in these classes teaches me how to do that easily and effectively.”


Santa Rosa, CA


Our family loves this place! My son started at almost five years old..at the time he was quiet and kept to himself. Now, three years later, he is outgoing and has a ton of self confidence. He looks forward to going the four times a week we attend. Mr and Mrs Fogal, are patient and caring instructors…I would, and have, recommend this facility to anyone!


Medical Biller, Rohnert Park


“It’s easy to try and put a monetary value on the cost of martial arts lessons.  But not so easy after you’ve used those lessons to defend your life”

J. E.

Bank Executive

Healdsburg, CA


“In this post 911 world, I can’t afford to mess around with non-workable techniques.  The empowerment that I have gained through my training here is invaluable”


Jet Pilot

Northern California


Mr. Fogal,

I have made it a point of the last few years to thank those individuals who have made a major impact in my life. As I have tried to pass on the gifts that I recieved I now recognise the great personal sacrifice that comes with acting as a mentor for another.

Your Dojo and martial arts in general changed my life. Your example and teachings have guided me through many physical, mental and emotional opponents. I will forever remember “Honesty, Integrity, Perserverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit, & Victory” Those tenants have guided my life in many ways.

I don’t want to sound cheesey but I could never thank you enough. When I first spoke with you on the phone I was a very angry and broken child. I lacked any form of confidence and had recently been ridiculed and beaten by people I considered my friends. Walking in to the 4th street location was so difficult for me and yet I found myself instantly in a family that would push me but accept me. That was over 20 years ago now and I have continued the tradition.

I have had the oppertunity to study and teach martial arts all over the United States and Australia. I have passed on the principles and techniques that gave me purpose.

Sorry if I drew this out. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank You Sir! One day I hope to see you again and thank you in person.

Give my best to your wife and family. I am currently living in Bakersfield, CA with my wife and 3 children if there is ever anything I can do for you please ask. It would be an honor to return the favor.


Cliff Johnson


Greatly appreciate training with Juan – opening up my joints, helping to meet fear with relaxation, and developing self-defense skills through Systema Russian Marital Art. Thank you!


Santa Rosa, CA


“I didn’t think that I would find enough time to train.  But, it just seemed to work out each month.  With the fun classes and the practical techniques, it makes it easy to make the time”


Bank Administrator

Santa Rosa, CA


Juan is a wonderful sensei! I was nervous for my first day of class, but he took the time to work with me on the basics while the more advanced students worked. He eased me into the class and relieved my fears. I had a blast and look forward to more!




“Once I realized what I would be learning and how it would improve my life … there was nothing to think about and I started!”


Protection Industry

Santa Rosa, CA


Family Martial Arts is the best martial arts and Karate Dojo in town for kids and adults. I’ve been practicing here for about two years and it’s been a great experience. Whenever I’ve seen the kids class I can tell they’re having a lot of fun while learning respect and self discipline. I would definitely recommend this place to friends.
College Student
I simply love this training facility. Juan Fogal is a brilliant and talented instructor. It’s no wonder he has received awards and recognition from his peers and his community. I highly recommend this center to anyone who wants to train in the martial arts.
320-D Tesconi Circle, Santa Rosa
Off of North Dutton Ave, between College Ave and Guerneville Rd.
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